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The Charter of the Hokkaido University of Education
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The Charter of the Hokkaido University of Education
Presenting future-oriented education, human resources, and culture from the land of the North
Established based on the history and cultural climate of Hokkaido, the Hokkaido University of Education (HUE) is a unique national higher education institution that educates women and men to be exquisite educators and contributors to societies and cultures.

Following the tradition of four former normal schools, HUE was founded in 1949 as a teacher training university consisting of five campuses (Sapporo, Hakodate, Asahikawa, Kushiro, and Iwamizawa); since then, it has churned out successful graduates, especially in the area of education.

In order to accomplish the mission undertaken as a national university in a knowledge-based society of the twenty-first century, we at HUE, continuing to devote ourselves to teacher education, start afresh as a university that promotes interdisciplinary studies on human beings and societies as well as advanced education and research that are related to the enlightening of individuals by arts and sports.By doing so, we contribute to the communities of Hokkaido and the world.

On the occasion of the new beginning of HUE, we hereby establish the Charter of the Hokkaido University of Education and declare our mission and goals within HUE and outside.
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