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Education Mission of HUE
Advanced human education
Active liberal education
Cultivation of motivation
The Charter of the Hokkaido University of Education
Department of Teacher Training
Department of Humanities and Regional Sciences
Department of Fine Arts and Music, Department of Sports Education


The Charter of the Hokkaido University of Education
Education Mission of HUE
1. Advanced human education
Educational activities begin with a perpetual interest in and enthusiasm for the development of human beings. Given our deep and advanced knowledge of modern-day human beings and children as well as our experience-based methods, we constantly foster students’ awareness of the joy and honor of educating people.

2. Active liberal education
The society and education process of the twenty-first century require individuals with integrated knowledge of science and humanities as well as flexibility in active interaction and coexistence. It is therefore essential to help students develop a strong personality and to enhance their capabilities of interacting with society, through varied practices and experiences in all fields including arts and sports. We use the slogan “Creative and Active Liberal Education” to provide modern liberal education.

3. Cultivation of motivation
In the field of education, it is essential to have a strong motivation for striving for others. In modern times, teachers are required to have a sensibility that enables them to understand children’s difficulties and sympathize with them as though the difficulties are their own. They are also required to have a strong motivation for addressing various current issues in the local and world communities. Thus, we aim at the cultivation of motivation at all levels of our educational activities.
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